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I wanna do a giveaway for finally reaching 5k so HERE IT IS.

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Racism, homophobia, transphobia etc are so real today like there are still SO many problems and issues going on in the world…aka all this ferguson stuff
Nothing angers me more than when people say that the world is becoming “more accepting” like no they’re fucking not

This is so true, “the world is becoming more accepting” Um, more like the world is growing more hateful by the second, people are attacking one another due to pigmentation and religious views, kids are bashing one another due to preference of music, style….people of every age are getting beaten for sexual preferences, for stupid reasons, now people say that I’m “emo” because my favorite colors are red and black, but the reasons why could actually help people to see from my perspective, red- It is the color  that flows through each and every one of us, whether we’re gay, pan-sexual, Bi, straight, transgender, colored, white, religious or not..and so on, it brings us together in equality and unity  whether you like it or not, we are all human.
Black- When we all close our eyes that’s what we see, we see an infinite darkness, a blissful thing where in our subconscious…past the place of dreams we just “be” ,we do not feel, we do not hurt, hate, love, we just exist with no judgement and not a single care in the world.♥♥♥

✌  ✌  ✌  ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ ✌  ✌  ✌ 

But hey, maybe that’s just me.